Wilo Star-Z NOVA

The main purpose: for recycling DHW; Design: single; The principle of operation: centrifugal; The type of rotor: "wet"; Performance: 400 ;l/h; Head: 0.9 ;m; Max. working pressure: 10 ;bar; Max. t fluid: 65 ;°C; Function: 1 the speed ; Max. power consumption: 5 ;W; Voltage: 220 V; The placement of the shaft: horizontally; Shaft material: stainless steel; Connection: thread; The location of the holes: coaxial; Input. hole: 1/2"; Output. hole: 1/2"; Housing material: brass; The material of the impeller: stainless steel; Manufacturer country: Germany; Protection class: IP44; Insulation class: F; Installation length: 84 ;mm; Weight: 1 ;kg; ...


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